About me


I not only develop software for SAP, I also take care of the technical integration in the company´s processes and the training of end users.

Good service and complete satisfaction with my solutions is for me a must and priority !!  I handle client-oriented and defend your interests for the company´s sake.

You, your company and your employees can count on me in the following areas:

1) ABAP programming
After 14 years as ABAP programmer I have gained much experience with all tools within SAP for being able to create real solutions at low cost in a short time. All this is at your disposal so that you can reach your goals on time and with quality. I am a consultant with quality and not a cheap, unexperienced worker in India or China, who is sold as experienced, well-trained consultant, so that the employeer makes money.

2) Web development
There are several technologies within SAP (either propietary or from 3rd. parties) for creating web pages, like BSP, WebDynpro for ABAP and Java, Adobe Flex, HTML, JavaScript, etc. I can support your company with web developments of high quality.

3) Remote consultancy
Normally I can work with only one client at a time, since most companies demand full time and on-site collaboration. In my free time I can help your IT department checking code and its improvement, searching for and correction of bugs, developing small applications, etc.

4) Training courses
I have trained end users for either learning to use SAP during the introduction of the software in a company or teaching programmers how to program with ABAP and other technologies.

Have a look in the following pages for more information.

ABAP/4 Expert  | Experienced consultant in SAP & ABAP/4