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Data Dictionary

Any computing system has a data base for saving the information. SAP is not the exception and delivers a powerful tool not only for saving our data but also for processing it. The Data Dictionary is the tool for creating subdivisions in the data base, called tables, as well as all objects that the tables need for keeping the data.

  1. Introduction
  2. First steps
  3. Creating a table
  4. Data elements and domains
  5. Filling our table
  6. Various utilities for the tables
  7. Views and group types
  8. Structures and table types
  9. Table maintenance generator
  10. Search helps
  11. Search help exits
  12. Lock objects
  13. Data base views
  14. Projection views and maintenance views



This course can be done in 2 days in full-time, in several weekends or in several work days taking 2-4 hours per day, depending on availability and negotiations.

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