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Advanced ABAP

If you already took part in the course "ABAP for begginers" or if you already have some experience in programming with ABAP, then broaden your knowledge in this fascinating programming language with this course. I will lead you into deeper detail in ABAP when participating in this course.

  1. Selection screen 1
  2. Selection screen 2
  3. Calling selection screens
  4. Events in reports (part 2)
  5. Events on the screen (part 1)
  6. Events on the screen (part 2)
  7. Combobox
  8. Ranges
  9. Simple ALV table
  10. Advanced ALV table
  11. Offsets
  12. Field symbols
  13. Introduction to data load
  14. Data load per BDC (part 1)
  15. Data load per BDC (part 2)
  16. Batch-Input sessions
  17. Transaction recorder
  18. Legacy System Migration Workbench (part 1)
  19. Legacy System Migration Workbench (part 2)
  20. More options for instruction Select
  21. Hierarchical list



This course can be done in 6-7 days in full-time, in several weekends or in several work days taking 2-4 hours per day, depending on availability and negotiations.


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