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SAP GUI extended (GUIxt) is a client-server based software technology that provides user interface customization solutions to SAP applications. While designed specifically for use with SAP software, and completely integrated with the SAP GUI environment, GuiXT solutions operate independently of SAP applications. That enables firms to tailor SAP transaction screens to the narrower requirements of specific jobs within the organization while leaving essential SAP coding (ABAP and Dynpros) untouched.

This technology design significantly reduces development and testing. Users of GuiXT solutions report greatly improved productivity and accuracy, while at the same time reducing training and support costs.

GuiXT was exclusively developed for use with SAP business logic and its core programming language, ABAP. Moreover, it was created as an alternative to ABAP or Java code changes, which typically require more resources, time, and testing before deploying to end-users. Since it is a scripting language it allows technical people as well as the SAP functional community to make changes to the SAP interface, such as enabling the behavior of the SAP application to be adapted to the user's needs, automating repetitive actions, changing terminology, customizing the user layout, hiding unused SAP functionality and consolidating multiple screen tabs and combining multiple business transactions into one seamless process.

Warning: GuiXT is deactivated by default. Each user must activate it from SAPGUI screen.


Read this introduction about the GUIxt technology (with MS Internet Explorer !!).

Watch this video for seeing an example of SAP GUIxt in action.

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