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20 years!!

I am celebrating 20 years with/in/for SAP ERP. I´ve spent all these years writing the code for programs and web applications or doing consultancy in the module HCM in a bunch of countries in America and Europe. In the next month I´ll be celebrating 12 years as an independent consultant and programmer.


I alone have introduced the module Performance Management for a bank in Hannover. PM means a lot of development and a little of customizing, this is something I did by myself (Nov. 2016).

2 years at Roche

I´ve been working for Roche now 2 years!!  Always giving support and consultancy services in HCM LSO (Learning Solution), as well as web and ABAP development (Feb. 2016)

ABAP OO Training

Since 2013 I have been training employees of my clients in the topic development with ABAP OO.


4.5 years !!
I am celebrating on 31.05.2012 4.5 years of work with the same client (Deutsche Telekom). In a beginning the work relation started over the IBM and they told me that it should be a short-time project (3 months) for me because IBMler should take over the maintenance of BSP-based developments and I should only support them with that task and with the solution of incidents reported by end users.

Fortunately my contract was extended for 3 more months because soon I had to take over some other activities; this also included web developments in the area of Performance Management (HR) which at the end the IBMler could not maintain, due to a lack of knowledge and experience. Since then, my contract has been extended several times; in the first 2 years on a 3-month basis and then 6-month contracts. Now in 2012 I got a half-year extension to the contract.

Normally freelancers do not "survive" long at the same client, so 4.5 years in a row is not bad, ehhh !!

ABAP/4 Expert  | Experienced consultant in SAP & ABAP/4